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Dear residents,

We have some big news! CCFP increased the number of priority topics – the exam will now include 105 instead of 99 topics. Yes, you read it correctly…105 topics! The additional 6 topics are: Chronic Pain, Rash, Renal Failure, Shortness of Breath, Heart Failure and Pain.

DO NOT WORRY! The FMEP Team has already added the new required topics to the course and we will address each key feature. We will continue to provide you with helpful resources, blogs, and SAMPs to prepare you for the exam based on the updated requirements.

As always, feel free to reach out to our team at if you have any questions. If there is a specific topic you want us to cover, just send it over an email and we will work on it!

Have a wonderful day!

Family Med Exam Prep Course Team

STIR-CRAZY? Stay connected – FMEP is here to help!

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Dear residents,

We wanted to check-in with you during this chaotic time. Now, more than ever, protecting your mental health and well-being is critical. We thought we could send over some helpful non-CCFP related resources to help you, your kids, and/or your pets during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We also have heard from many of you asking if we will offer a course closer to the new proposed CCFP exam date (CCFP Exam Information) … based on this tentative date we have decided to hold a course in September 2020. Many of you have emailed to reserve a spot, and we will ensure your name is included in our list.

We will continue to create blogs, SAMPs, and provide helpful resources to prepare you for the exam. If you have not done so already, email us at with your FULL NAME and indicate that you would like to reserve your spot on our pre-registration list as spaces will be limited.

As always, if there is a specific topic you want us to write a blog about, just send over an email and we will work on it!

Family Med Exam Prep Course Team


Are You SAMP-Ready (Part 2)?

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Thank you to all our participants who attended the Family Medicine Exam Prep Course in Hamilton. We are touched and grateful for your wonderful feedback. Many candidates have requested we continue to post more practice SAMPs, so here you go….

Just a few quick tips first… READ MORE

Are You SAMP-Ready?

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We have been focusing on SOO preparation, as this tends to give residents more trouble on the CCFP exam. But what about the SAMPs? Today, we’re going to give you a taste of what you might see on the exam.

Just a few quick tips first… READ MORE

We Have Good News and Bad News… What Do You Want to Hear First?

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Before entering the next SOO station, you read the prompt: “You are about to meet a patient whose clinical presentation and investigations are suggestive of a new diagnosis of lupus.” You eloquently perform a review of systems, provide an excellent management plan and arrange follow up with the patient… But you are NOT deemed a SUPERIOR CERTIFICANT. What went wrong?

It was actually a “Bad News” scenario, and you didn’t use interviewing techniques that the FMEP Course hopes to see in a SUPERIOR certificant.

The good news is that we have the tips and tricks you can use when a similar situation shows up on your exam. We have summarized an excellent AFP article that will help you be an FMEP Superior Certificant on your SOO. READ MORE

“Doc, Do You Even Know What You Are Doing?!” 

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Your SOO has been going great so far and you are feeling confident.

You go to your next station – you see Mr. Huff And Puff. He is a 58-year-old man with COPD. He is not using his puffers despite repeated discussions. He is also a 60-pack-year smoker. The first thing the actor says is, “Doc, do you even know what you are doing?! I am still coughing!” 


Be a QUITTER – But Not on Your SOO! Your Guide to Smoking Cessation

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You are about to meet Sara, a 25-year-old patient with a 20-pack-year smoking history. She would like to quit. You walk into the room.

Do you know how to counsel your patient? Is it Champix or nicotine… both… or neither? What’s the latest advice? To help prepare you, we’ve written a summary of an excellent CFP article – find the full article with all the statistics here!


Doc, You Want My Car Keys…? Driving and Dementia

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It’s your SOO. You walk into the next room – you have an 89-year-old man. His wife has expressed concern about his driving ability.

Will you cut up his driver’s license? Call the police? Report him to the MTO?

Does driving and dementia make you lost for words? Are you thinking that you’d better brush up on your reading before SOO time? No need to search too far – we’ve summarized a comprehensive CFP article for you right here! Here is the article for your reference.



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The bell chimes and it’s the next station – you have a 33-year-old male who presents with fatigue for several months. He has no other medical history. ENTER THE ROOM.

Do you want to pull your hair out? Bite your fingernails? HOLD ON! We’re here to help. Here’s a brief checklist to follow for your SOO (or SAMP) – we used this helpful CMAJ article to help create a SOO tool for you.


On a SOO: Let’s Talk about POO – Traveller’s Diarrhea

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It’s the CCFP SOO exam – you’re about to enter the next station … Your station has a 23-year-old male coming in for travel advice. He is going to Jamaica and wants to know what he can do to prevent getting traveller’s diarrhea. What are you going to ask? Are you confident about what medications he needs? What investigations may be needed once the patient has returned home if the symptoms persist?

If you’re ready to learn how to become a FMEP course SUPERIOR Certificant… keep reading. 

This blog is a summary of the Canadian Family Physicians’ article on traveller’s diarrhea. The article can be found here.