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“Hands down, one of the best courses I have taken – ever.”

~ Dr. R., FMEP Participant Spring 2020

“Excellent course! I enjoyed how quick and succinct the topics were. It was a great review of ALL the topics tailored specifically to CCFP objectives & current practice guidelines. The amount of effort put into this course by Dr. Anastasia and Dr. Azra is very evident.”

~Dr. A.P. , FMEP Spring Participant 2020

“All the lectures were well thought out. SOO approaches were a great part.”

~ FMEP Spring Participant 2020

“Would give 10/10 on every single lecture covered in the 3-day course. Overall, awesome course! Would recommend!”

~ Dr. A.D., FMEP Spring Participant 2020

“Preparation was excellent, the food was amazing, the hospitality was phenomenal and everyone was very approachable.”

~ FMEP Spring Participant 2020